Electronic – Use SDIO pheripheral for quad SPI flash memory


I am currently doing a project using the STM32F103 micro-controller. The project requires external flash memory to store images and data for later showing on LCD.

The problem I have is that I want to see if I can use the SDIO peripheral on the micro-controller in order to control a Quad SPI flash memory.

Can you use sdio interface with a quad spi flash?

Best Answer

No, you cannot.

While most SD cards do also support an SPI operating mode, the converse is not true; the SDIO peripheral on the STM32F103 only supports the SD protocol. It cannot communicate with SPI (or QSPI) devices.

The STM32F103 doesn't support QSPI. You'll need to communicate with your flash device using single-lane SPI, or use another device.

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