Electronic – VGA interfacing with PIC


I'm looking for a way to control a VGA screen with a PIC. External components are OK, so a VGA chip with I2C or SPI or something is okay too.


  • Resolution: max 1024×768, no minimum
  • Language: C (C18 compiler) or Jalv2
  • Only text, no graphics necessary (but it would be okay if it had that too)
  • One colour is enough, so DA converting is out of the scope of this question

In my project I have a text buffer which I want to have on a screen. You can compare it to using an LCD display for text displaying, but now with VGA.

Best Answer

If it's not overkill for your application, you could add an ISA interface to your PIC and pick up an old video card somewhere.

However, supercat points out there's no PC to run the video BIOS, so probably this wouldn't work.

I did find a post on hackaday doing a similar thing with an AVR that might be good for inspiration.