Electronic – Want to get a heat gun for SMT – what should I get


I need to get a heat gun so I can do some SMT work. What wattage / heat range should I be looking for?

Obviously it needs to get hot enough to melt the solder (preferably lead-free) yet not fry the components. I have seen everything from about 1400W up to 3400W with max temperature ranges anywhere from 350 to 650°C

So what wattage / max temperature do I want?

Best Answer

What you are asking for is specific to soldering. It's not called a "heat gun", but a "hot air soldering station".

At a minimum, it must have a way to set the output air temperature over the normal soldering range. This should be calibrated somehow, like a degF or degC reading, not just a warm/hot dial. Having air flow rate control is also very useful, and I think most hot air stations have that. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about power too much. That's its business, as long as it can maintain temperature at whatever flow rate you set. I just looked at the back plate on ours, and it says 270W and has a 5A fuse.