Electronic – Weird Diodes inside RGB LED


I am interested to use a RGB LED from Würth Elektronik. The schematic from the datasheet shows an extra diode across the green and the blue led. What is the propose of those diodes?

Link to datasheet: https://www.we-online.de/katalog/datasheet/150080M153000.pdf

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Best Answer

Those diodes are there for ESD protection.

Since the red is more robust than the others (i.e. green and blue are more susceptible to ESD), green and blue have ESD protectors.

One may ask "how the G and the B can be more susceptible?" Well, the answer is "Because of InGaN". I cannot dive into details here but I can say that there are numerous researches about increasing the ESD handling of InGaN LEDs as it is a well-known problem.