Electronic – What are some reasons to connect capacitors in series


Usually you either combine capacitors in parallel because you want to increase the total capacitance while fitting the components in a certain shape/position, or you just combine capacitors by buying a single capacitor of a larger value.

Combining capacitors in series reduces the total capacitance, and isn't very common, but what are some possible uses for it? It shouldn't be used to increase the voltage rating, for instance, since you can't guarantee that the middle will be at half the DC voltage of the total, without using bleeder resistors.

Best Answer

I have only seen it done to increase voltage. On some power supply front-ends (AC/DC conversion) with a voltage doubler the capacitors are in parallel at low voltage and in series at high voltage. This works out well since for a constant power out the current is double at the lower voltage.

As you mention balancing resistors are required.