Electronic – What are the best old electrical appliances to extract electronic components from?

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I would like to build some simple drones and robots which I will be controlling using a microcontroller. Instead of buying expensive brand new components, I prefer to look for old electrical appliances at home or on the internet, and then extract what I need myself (small electrical motors, capacitors, resistors…)

I am really new in this field (I did some basics at university) but never did anything myself. I would like to ask the experts if they have any suggestions as to what are the best cheap appliances from which I can extract some parts easily and will cost only a few euros (or dollars)?

Best Answer

The tool you are looking for is most likey a solder iron...

That being said, why would you want to re-use old passive components for? Brand new passive components are ridiculously cheap and more environment-friendly than old ones. In addition, many components age, most notably aluminium electrolyte caps. To salvage those from old electronics would be a bad idea.

Also, old PCBs might be covered in various nasty chemicals like flame retardents and pcb lacquer. These chemicals will pollute the soldering and are hazardous to breathe when you unsolder the components. Preferably, components on such PCBs should be removed while sitting at a fume cupboard.

Why don't you go look around and see what these parts actually cost brand new, first of all? You'll find that your idea of salvaging probably makes little sense in most cases.