Electronic – What are the Best Starter Supply Kits?


I am just getting started out learning electronics and I keep finding myself having to order capacitors and transistors and other parts for simple projects.

What are the best starter sets for a beginner? i.e. who sells a good set of capacitors for a newbie? transistors, resistors, LEDs, etc…

Im interested in both complete sets (that includes different types), as well as individual sets (say, for just capacitors).

Ideally, the kits are weighted toward pieces that you will use more often.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

In answer, I'd try go for the Basic Prototyping Parts Kit from Electronix Express, and possibly the supplement if it has stuff you want.

As a meta-answer, there are a whole bunch of threads on topics like this one. I propose that we set up a FAQ, dedicated tags, or community wiki/sticky for this kind of question on supplies, stocking, and equipment, including: