Electronic – What are the issues with using multiple inductors for a DC/DC converter

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I'm going to be designing a Buck Converter that will supply a max of 10A of current to an LED Strip (9V to 20V in, 5V out). Since I want to minimize the amount of EMI in the circuit, I want to use shielded inductors rated for around 26uH. But since the inductor would have to be rated for at least 10A (preferably 15A or higher), there aren't a lot of options to chose from. So instead, I was thinking of using two 13uH inductors in series so that I would have a larger variety of parts.

I understand that the math works out to where 13uH + 13uH = 26uH. But are there any real world issues that comes with using multiple inductors in a DC/DC converter?

Best Answer

If you use identical inductors I see no real issues except for minor resonances since parts are never identical.