Electronic – What did the manufacturer mean by asking if an angle should be made for the fingers


I sent in Gerber files designed by someone else to PCBWay. It's a cartridge for a Commodore 64.

They responded today with this question, and I'm not 100% sure what they are asking.

Ref attached screenshot, please advise if we should do 30° degree for finger places.
If yes, we will chop copper to reach 1mm distance from copper pad to outline.

Board in question

When I loaded the design in EAGLE it did say that the card edge connector pads were too close together. Do they mean 1 mm distance between the 'fingers' or 1 mm distance between the 'fingers' and the board edge?

I know it's a 50/50 chance whether I say yes/no, but I'd like to be correct. It's weird, because the person who designed this said he had no issues getting it made.

Best Answer

When they say 30° degree, I think they mean to chamfer the end of the edge connector for easy insertion into the C64 cartridge slot.

When they do that, you will probably lose the last mm of copper on the end of the fingers.

If they do this free of charge, I see no reason not to say yes please.

Chamfered edge connector.

Image from http://www.industrial-electronics.com/et-4e_14.html