Electronic – What does “V.A.” mean in datasheet dimensions


I'm looking at a datasheet for an LCD panel (pdf link to datasheet).

I don't understand these two encircled dimensions:

LCD dimensions

What does the acronym "V.A." mean for these dimensions?

I have referenced a couple of other questions here on EE, but they don't cover this:
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Best Answer

After looking into the linked LCD datasheet and answers here, I looked into other display products of the same company NEWHEAVENDISPLAY. And the interesting thing I found is apart from V.A. they use another therm called as A.A. Below is an example. Adding the datasheet link as well, if someone more interested can look into.

V.A. can be Viewing Area or Viewing Angle(if mentioned in degrees)

A.A. is Active Area also called as effective area which the area for active pixels or icons or segments or patterns.

These links say all the same link1, link2 and link3. image

Just hope ambiguity stops here.