Electronic – What part is like a male header with long pins on both sides?


What is the part in the picture below? It's like a male header, but with long pins on both sides. I've got some temperature probes I've built that end in female connectors and I'd like to use something similar to use the probes with a breadboard. I've looked on Digikey under headers and haven't been able to find anything.

alt text

Best Answer

The part is available on Digikey with their part number PCC36SFAN-ND: Sullins Connector Solutions PCC36SFAN. A PDF drawing of the connector is available from Sullins.

It's just a single row male header. What I've done when the lengths aren't quite right is just order it longer on one end, and then push the plastic bit so it shifts to the middle and leaves equal-length conductors on each side.

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