Electronic – What power supply do I need to power 4 peltier plates with 5A 12V each

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enter image description hereI need to power 4 peltier plates (tec1-12706) with 12V and 5A for a thermoelectric cooler project.
I wish to have maximum cooling. Also I need to attach a few(4) computer cooling fans to dissipate the heat from all 4 peltier plates.

Please let me know what will be the best power supply to power all those altogether?
(Excuse me if I have asked a very basic question because I don't have an electrical background)
(I found some articles on computer power supply but not sure if it will give me enough power to power all 4 peltiers if so how to connect them parallel or series)

Best Answer

Short answer is you need around a 25A 12V (300W) supply. A PC supply would work for that.

However, the long answer is those things are really finicky and die easily. You really need to use current and temperature sensing for each plate, and getting rid of 60W of heat per plate is no simple task. Making sure the heat exchanger is intimately touching the surfaces with a good heat exchange medium between them is also key.

Also, they need to be sealed, any moisture in there will also kill you.