Electronic – What to make with hundreds of 555 chips


This is a little bit different question than normal..

Aliexpress is ruing my life, sometimes i order things i don't even need because it seems cool. A few time ago I ordered 500x 555 chips for just a few bucks, haven't used one.

What cool project could I do with so many 555 chips? I'm open to every absurd, stupid, usefull and non-usefull or original projects.

Maybe a predator style giant clock? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyBwKHCtgm0

Or maybe just a random LED blinking matrix with nothing usefull.

Open to every suggestions 🙂

Best Answer

Purchase 500 741 op amps. Then go around to schools giving the 741 and 555 away as examples of antique circuits

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