Electronic – What voltage do electrical fly killers use

high voltage

I am interested in the voltage used in electrical fly killers – does anyone know (no speculation please) the voltages generally employed? To be clear, I am talking about mains powered, wall-mounted devices.

I would also be interested in the general topologies used – I am guessing some sort of self-resonant flyback with an unrectified output. Anyone know for sure? I haven't pulled one apart yet…

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I visited a factory making the 50/60Hz transformer type some years ago. They were several kV (3-4kV) and similar in construction to ballast transformers for neon signs, but without the magnetic shunts to increase the output impedance.

These ones create quite a profound arc which is intended to burn the insect off the grids. Here's a photo of one from Alibaba:

enter image description here