Electronic – What’s the best way to store and categorise resistors/capacitors/ICs/etc


I did a big cleanup of my collection of parts today and I now have a big pile of parts on my desk (the majority of which is resistors). My previous method of finding the resistor value I wanted was to look through my little box and read the colour codes. Unfortunately I now have a lot of resistors, making an individual search almost impossible. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I put it to you my fellow chiphackers: do you know of any efficient (as in fast recall) ways to store and categorise components ?

I understand you can get lots of small drawers but it seems like such a waste of space to put only a single resistor of an unusual value in its own drawer.

Best Answer

I keep resistors in drawers organized by the first digits of value.

R-1, R-12, R-15, R-18, R-22 and so on. (same for capacitors)

R-1 contains 100ohm, 1k, 10k... R-22 contains 22ohm, 220ohm, 2.2k, 22k...