Electronic – When to use film capacitor


I've bought a bunch of film type capacitor as they were pretty cheap and I thought it was a good idea to get some and test them. (set here)

So I'm trying to figure out what's the specific application for these but for now I've only found them more usefull than other types when working with high frequency.

So, can I just use them as replacement for ceramic/electrolytic capacitors ? For example as decoupling capacitor for IC or on voltage regulators ?

(I'll confess that I really love their looks so as I'm just a hobbyist and most of the time space is not a problem, if I can use these cool looking little parts 🙂 )

Best Answer

Though it depends on your specific caps, all the very low leakage caps I have bought for precision low drift integrators (time constants of 1 second or more) were metal polyester film. They were also very stable over temperature compared to ceramic disk, which often stated +80 -20% over the commercial temperature range.

They are good for high frequency as well and the ones you show are quite high manufacturing quality. Just don't use the physically big ones to bypass. The leads will be too long or the distance from the part will defeat the purpose.