Electronic – Where to find proven design patterns?


When developing software, it's recommended not to reinvent the wheel but to use battle tested libraries e.g. for sorting or proven design patterns like the GoF.

However when it comes to electrical engineering I'm unaware of such libraries. I have bought Circuit pattern trading cards however a friend of mine told me those implementations are not ideal.

Therefore I'm asking: where to find proven circuit design patterns and higher level libraries for electrical engineering tasks?

Best Answer

A good place to start would be the Reference Design Library at AllAboutCircuits.com

It has a large searchable database of common circuits.

Another option is more vendor specific. For instance Texas Instruments has nice tools for helping design typical circuits.

Even Digi-Key has a good reference library.

If you are looking for more basic/fundamental circuits, I think you would be best off with a book such as The Art of Electronics.

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