Electronic – Which is pin 2 on a Harwin Datamate connector


The datasheet for M80-6651042 Harwin Datamate connector shows us which pin is pin 1.

Harwin Datamate M80

But which is pin 2? Is it the one to the left, or the one below? Is there a standard direction that pin numbering always goes in for dial row connectors?

Best Answer

By far, most connectors of this type put the odd-numbered pins on one side and the even-numbered pins on the other, so the answer would be that pin 2 is below pin 1 in this drawing. The reason for this is that this type of connector is often used in conjuction with ribbon cable, and this makes the numbering in the cable sequential.

However, I have seen rare exceptions to this, where pins 1 to N/2 went down one side, and the rest down the other. If you can see the board silkscreen, see if there are any clues indicating whether this might be the case.

If you are designing a new board with this connector, of course, the final answer is entirely up to you.