Electronic – Why are all the yellow 2V/20mA LEDs burning out with 330k Ohm resistor


I have a very basic circuit on a breadboard using an Arduino's 5V+Gnd to power a few LEDs. All the LEDs are from Sparkfun and rated at 2V/20mA, coming in Red, Green, and Yellow. I'm using 330 Ohm resistors but I also have much higher resistors like 10k and 330k Ohm for testing this issue.

Only one LED is being connected at a time using the individual lanes. Nothing is connected to the power and ground rails on the breadboard. Red, green, and even my white LEDs work great, but so far 5 yellow LEDs in a row have immediately burned. I double-checked wiring, moved wires and LEDs, and went all the up to a 330,000 Ohm resistor, but no luck with the yellows. Is this likely a bad batch of yellow or am I missing a key component?

EDIT: Here is the full board (the wires are complex because this will be an electronics puzzle in a game):

Photo of entire circuit

And here is with the other wires removed to show what's actually connected:

Photo of relevant circuit section

Best Answer

Those resistors aren't doing anything at all. All the pins in a row are connected together.