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The questions I have:

  • Is the makeshift IC I use in the simulation a fair representation of the INA200?
  • I assembled the circuit as shown in the picture (except for the current source and the LED) and I'm trying to get a response to prove that what I put together works but so far I was not able to see any response at the output (CMPout pin 6)
  • If things start working the way I intend them to do, how can I tune the system to trigger at different current levels?

I'm currently trying to make a circuit which detects a raise in current using a shunt and an INA200.

enter image description here

Here is a picture of the circuit:

Figure 2

I was using a makeshift INA200 for the simulation.

After putting it all together I realised that the INA200 was not responding to any given input on pin 7/8.

The configuration I was using:

  1. 8V (Vs)
  2. connected to 3.
  3. connceted to 2.
  4. GND
  5. open
  6. to 1N4148
  7. shunt high
  8. shunt low

Instead of the LED I was using a wire resistor and I was manually increasing the voltage to see if at any point the INA200 would trip and output ~7.7V but I was unable to do so (or to see it?)

Best Answer

I recommend not using the makeshift attempt, but instead going to the development resources page of the TI product page and acquiring the INA200 PSpice Model. No need to emulate or approximate when a SPICE-compatible model is available. If you're in LTspice, pull it in with this.

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