Error: Model in Pspice is undefined


When I simulate the circuit below in Pspice, the output info says: model J2n5485 used by Q2N5485 is undefined. But I have defined the model in the code.

I need to use the 2N5485 FET in this circuit in Pspice:

My version: 9.1 student.

Schematic of simulated circuit

My .cir:

oscilador de cristal pierce jfet

Vcc 4 0 5
.lib nom.lib
L1 4 1 3mH
C1 1 2 0.001UF
R1 3 0 10M
Rs 6 3 15
Cs 5 6 25e-005
Cp 2 3 6e-012
LS 2 5 10.132118mH

Q2N5485 1 3 0 J2n5485
.lib eval.lib
.MODEL J2n5485 njf
+VTO=-2.3888 BETA=0.00110073 LAMBDA=0.0108464 RD=3.58556 
+RS=3.44889 IS=1.44179E-14 CGS=430.467E-15 CGD=433.667E-15 
+PB=1.160107 FC=0.5 KF=8E-18 AF=1
+VTOTC=0.002 XTI=3 BETATCE=-0.5

.AC DEC 10 10 5MEG

Best Answer

At least in Orcad PSPICE you have to point the simulator to the custom library file, using something like this:

PSPICE->Edit Simulation Profile->Configuration Files

Then browse to the model filename and add it as a Design or Global Configured File.

If you don't do that, you'll get exactly the symptom you describe.