Error when simulating spice model in OrCAD PSpice


I am trying to simulate a circuit based on TS522 op-amp using OrCAD PSpice 16.5. The manufacturer's website did not have a model for this op-amp, and I had to look for it elsewhere. I was able to find one and import it into my OrCAD project, however, the PSpice simulator throws en error, every time I am trying to simulate the netlist. The error says:

ERROR(ORPSIM-16371): Extra text on line

The model file is located here.

Could anyone help me with this error? I am not very familiar with detailed of Spice syntax, just have the overall idea what netlists are.


Best Answer

A guess is that it might refer to the (analog) on this line:

 .SUBCKT TS522 1 3 2 4 5 (analog)

Try removing that and see if it works.

Checking further down, there is also a problem on this line:

 E1 50 40 51 0 1 E2 40 39 52 0 1

It should be:

 E1 50 40 51 0 1 
 E2 40 39 52 0 1

I just tried it in LTSpice with these two changes and it doesn't complain.