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I am doing an electronics project for 12th grade in electronics.This project is about water level controller.I have component list along with the description and I have soldered the circuit as told.I also have a simple circuit diagram.But after that i am not getting how to express the functioning of the circuit in terms of a block diagram.So it would be of great help if u explain me the description and block diagram.

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This circuit is based on the fluid's conductivity (which I would say is quite dubious).

N3,N5,N7 are just low-pass buffers. When water does not touch the submerged electrodes, pull-up resistors R1,R2,R3 (I would increase them to 1M) will propagate 12 V to the buffers' inputs. When the electrodes come in contact with the water, the inputs will be shorted to ground.

N4 and N8 are inverters.

N1 and N2 form an SR latch.

T1 and T2 are the output power stage, the transistor is doubled to increase current gain.

Update: block diagram can be something like this:

\$\fbox{Water level} \longrightarrow \fbox{Sensing pads} \longrightarrow\fbox{Signal conditioning} \longrightarrow\fbox{Control logic} \longrightarrow\fbox{Power stage} \longrightarrow\fbox{Water pump} \longrightarrow (back\ to\ start)\$