Hosting web page from STM32 device


My goal for my next project is to interface with a computer in order to stream some data as well as get some configuration parameters. I have been looking at using USB, UART to USB, and hosting a web page.

Hosting a webpage seems like the nicest solution seeing as all the user needs is an internet browswer, however I am very lost on how and where to start.

  1. Will I be able to use a STM32
  2. Will I be able to use WiFi instead of ethernet and which is easier?
  3. Should I instead just use UART because this will be too complex?

Best Answer

It depends on the exact STM32 variant you're planning to use, but hosting a web page might very well be possible. If you're just making an one-off demo / proof of concept, you could consider using one of these:

Segger embOS/IP is available as evaluation version for various STM32 processors. See this page for some well documented & easily extendable examples:

Segger has also USB RDNIS component available which would allow you to access the web server via USB, so you wouldn't need an Ethernet controller. I couldn't find any evaluation version though.

EmCraft has some system-on-module solutions running ucLinux available. They have a built-in web server which is easy to customize.

ST Microelectronics has a code generator suite called STM32cubeMX. It might also offer a good starting point for developing web server.

Hope this helps.