How to bypass or replace a defective SMD switch


I have a wireless keyboard with a defective on/off switch. The switch has a little play, and it's closing the circuit only when it is almost pushed to the extreme position for on. If 0 represents the leftmost position and 1 the rightmost one, it's closing the circuit for a number around 0.8.

So I decided to disassemble the keyboard and see whether it's possible to repair this. Here is a photo of the circuit:

enter image description here

The keyboard currently uses four 1.5V AA batteries, and I also intend to use an external power supply instead. So I would like to permantently close the circuit at SW5.

Best Answer

Without a hot air gun suitable for SMD rework, I'd go at the switch with a Dremel, being careful not to pull the pads off the board, and then clean up each pad with an iron and braid. Then lay down whatever connections you'd like by running wire wrap wire