How to combine or simplify multiple 5-12V level shifters


I've created the following model for a school project. This is the first time I'm attempting to read sensors or write alarms etc. using a microcontroller.


How I can improve it? To me it seems likely that there's a way to combine these voltage converters.

As I was thinking, I could perhaps use one pin to control/read the sensor and another pin to 'multiplex' the other pin to the correct sensor after it's voltage has been shifted from 5V to 12V.

Would you recommend this approach? Or is there a much better or more common alternative?

All sensors have to be read, whereas the alarm has to be set. The temperature sensor is an analog sensor, all other sensors are digital.

Best Answer

Why not use something like a ULN2003A or another variant of that family? They are used extensively as interfaces between low level and high level devices.