How to read this relay pinout/schematic


I'm trying to understand the way this relay works. To me it looks like this KUHP-11DT1-12 is a DPDT relay. Pin 7 is connected to 1 or 4 and pin 9 is connected to 3 or 6 depending on whether the coil is energized or not.

What I cannot figure out from looking at the datasheet or the diagram is which is normally open and which is normally closed. If I had the part in hand, I could simply ohm it out, but at this point I don't yet have the device.

How can I tell from the datasheet instead of having to ohm it out?

Product Data Sheet

Relay Pinout

Best Answer

A Form A relay contact is Normally Open, so since the data sheet says to delete terminals 1 and 3 for a Form A relay, those must be the Normally Closed contacts, and 4 and 6 are then the Normally Open contacts.