How to reduce maximum power rating of dishwasher for use with photovoltaics inverter?

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I have a photovoltaic power system and an inverter with an overall power rating of 1500 Watts. I want to connect a dishwasher which consumes 2200 Watts when heating the water.

Question: What is the best way to reduce this maximum power rating of the dishwasher? Is it possible to somehow (how?) use a voltage divider or a simple resistor in series with the heating coil?

I assume the only drawback of this idea would be that the washing takes longer, as the water needs more time to heat up.

PS: I have asked this question (in a more general manner) again and got some nice answers and no downvotes.

Best Answer

You don't. Get a dishwasher that can run from 1.5 kW, get a larger solar power system, or wash your dishes by hand.

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