How to switch multiple circuits using switches with limited pole counts


I am trying to refine the design of an audio switch that I built a while ago. Since this is used to connect two inputs (two sound cards) to five possible outputs (speakers, tv, etc) with stereo audio plugs, I am dealing with three circuits. Since finding triple-throw, triple-pole switches is difficult, I was forced to wire the ground directly to all possible outputs (the ground isn't switched) which sometimes causes audible interference. I was therefore wondering, is there a way to control more circuits using simple switches? What if somebody needs to switch four circuits at a time? Or five?

I am a software dev and just beginning with hardware tinkering so please excuse this being so elementary.

Best Answer

Search for wafer switches.

They are rotary switches, which used to be available (update : still are!) as pre-built configurations, or in modular form with up to 12 ways on each wafer and as many wafers as you felt like stacking behind the switch body.

A 4-pole 3-way switch is a single wafer, one of the simpler standard configurations.