In Altium Designer, how can you set the autotracer to route all traces with as equal lengths as possible


Note that this board does not require a power or ground plane, since it's just used to bridge two boards. I want the traces to be as equal in length as possible in order to minimize any difference in voltage propagation speed between any two traces. Thanks.

Best Answer

You'll probably need to define a Matched Net Length Rule (Design -> Rules) where as "First Object" you will need to define all your Tracks. A query like "IsTrack" might be enough. Alternatively you can place all the tracks which need to be length matched into a net class and then define InNetClass('YourNetClass') as query. Set the tolerance to a value of your choice.

If the Autorouter doesn't obey these settings (I'm not quite sure about it) you can use the interactive length matching command (Tools -> Equalize Net Lengths) or the Interactive Length Tuning Tool (Tools -> Interactive Length Tuning Tool).