Is a D Type Edge triggered Master Slave flip flop considered a 1bit memory cell


So in class we talked about how a D-type edge triggered flip flop is considered a 1bit memory cell. I think this is the same for a D-type latch.

My question is, since a D-type edge triggered master slave flip flop uses 2 D-latches, is it considered a 1bit memory cell or 2bits since it has 2 D-latches? And if it is, if I wanted to theoretically create a 1MB memory module entirely out of master slave flip flops, would I just take 1MB and divide by 2 bits(or however many bits the flip flop has)?

Best Answer

Yes, technically, a master-slave flip-flop counts as 2 bits of memory. However, because of the way they're connected, you can't really store (and then retrieve) two independent bits of information in them.