Problem with reference voltage of AD620

operational-amplifierpower supply

This is a AD620 instrumentation amplifier for single supply operation
when i tested the below circuit on a bread board , it is giving zero voltage output for input of 0V to 1V input and then giving offset voltage . For example if i give 3 volts it is giving 2 volts at pin 6.. But when i connect it in dual supply mode its working fine, please some one help me. when i simulated the circuit on multisim it is working fine for both the modes

enter image description here

Best Answer

You're applying inputs that are well outside the common-mode input range of the chip. See the datasheet.

enter image description here

You should not use this graph either, but use the guaranteed range, which means you should not expect proper operation with less than about 2V applied to the inputs (relative to -Vs) or closer to +Vs than about 1.5V.

enter image description here

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