Put 2 voltage regulators (5V) in parallel to dissipate the heat better


I connected around 10m of christmas light LEDs to a 5V voltage regulator (lm7805). It gets quite hot, put I can still touch it without burning my finger. So in is within its temperature range (120 C max). It's a self regulating voltage regulator so I am not affraid of it burning itself.

But to ensure that my christmas tree wont burn, can I put 2 regulators in parallel to dissipate the heat better?

Best Answer

No, but depending on what your power source is you may be able to do 2-stage regulation to spread the heat - for instance, if your source is 12V then lower it to say 9V first with a 7809 then drop it from 9V to 5V with the 7805. If you're even higher than that, then you could use a 7812 first to drop to 12, then the 9V, then the 5V.

Either that or just use a switching regulator, such as a UBEC used by RC vehicle enthusiasts (available for a couple of $ from eBay or most RC model shops).