Smartphone headset jack to relay


Looking to see if anyone has seen a relay triggered by a sound file played thru the phones headset. My idea is to connect an old smartphone to my home's WiFi and then connect it to my garage door opener switch. I would then write a small app that would send a sound file to the headset which in turn would trigger the on off switch.

Is it doable?

Update: Found a Bluetooth solution on the web that uses a N2222 transistor.

Thanks for the answers…

Best Answer

While you can't trigger a relay directly from the audio jack, you can trigger a transistor, which in turn triggers a relay, to do what you want. An external power supply would be needed for the relay.

enter image description here

DSLR Remote is an Android app that is designed to work with DSLR remote release cable ports. One option is IR diodes, but transistors on the audio jack works with many phones (But not all).

A better option would be a bluetooth solution. Generally easier and well supported in many phones.

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