Trouble running 2 devices on a single 12VDC power source

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I am using a dual connections to bring 12VDC power to both a video camera and a telescope mount. Both devices are supplied by the same 12V 5A transformer and I am using a split VDC power cord that I bought from Amazon.

Both devices power on OK, but when I press a button to run positioning servomotors on the telescope, the camera cuts out.

I want to use a single transformer because of convenience. FYI, both scope and camera come supplied with 12VDC 2A transformers. Also using a Kill-a-Watt meter to measure each device separately, I determined that the resting amps for both were about 0.1A, and when I activate the motors the amps on the scope the amperage came up to 0.3A (the camera for its part is just a constant on video signal NTSC).

If there is some kind of amperage spike when I work the motors, is there a component that I can insert in my hookup that will keep the camera happy and prevent it from shutting off?

Best Answer

Servo motors might have peak currents 5x average when moving so a battery near servo or supercap or a 1mF 16V cap might help prevent the line drop that the camera sees. Use heavier cables ? Or a better transformer with lower winding losses.