Voltage regulating


My first post here, please keep in mind that I hardly know anything about electrical engineering so please keep any replies in layman terms, thank you!

I bought this 30cm white LED strip.

It's set up to run from 12 volts. The thing is I would like to use it at 6 volts. I can see that there are soldered IC chips on it: an M7 chip and a 78L05 chip; from what I could find out the 78L05 chip is a voltage regulator.

What would be the simplest way to get this to run from 6V?

Best Answer

To save the hassle of trying to modify a device to take a different voltage, I would personally consider using a "step-up" or a boost DC-to-DC converter to simply provide the required voltage.

One like this boost converter from eBay would be able to take in 6 volts and supply 12 volts on its output.

Your eBay listing did not provide amperage/power requirements, but the ~10 watts this provides should be enough