AD Domain Alias


We recently acquired a company running a very similar domain to ours, and we would like to merge the company into our domain.

The question is, can we provide a domain alias and map that to our domain (e.g. ComapnyA\username -> CompanyB\username) meaning we don't have to implement the new domain on the old machines.

Or do we have to maintain 2 domain forests?

The acquired company uses a username format of JoeB wheras we use JBloggs can we map the users to a specific user on the domain?

Best Answer

In the short term, clearly a trust is the way to go. In the long term, you are almost certainly going to have to migrate their AD to yours. You will probably do it using the Active Directory Migration Tool and the Password Export Server.

I suggest that you read this document Microsoft on how to use the ADMT and restructuring domains.

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