Building a compact, affordable SOHO server


I'd like to know if someone was able to build a compact server for SOHO users (ie. to handle email, light CRM, file server) for a total price of €150/$200, and have enough room to host a regular size PCI card so it can also act as a PBX?

I took a look at Atom-based mini-ITX motherboards, picoPSU, and the ad hoc case, and I end up with a total cost of at least twice this.

Best Answer

$200 is not safe. If you want simple bottom end get the cheapest Dell you can find and add second drive to it to give you RAID1.

This will be the safest way if you want a server. If you go with less then this, your data is not that important to you so just go buy an old something used thing.

That may be blunt, but how important is your data to you?

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