Can’t access site externally


So i am trying to access my site using my ip address (don't think it's a good idea to give it out). But i get Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data. Here is what i have tried so far:

Made sure that the site works on localhost.
Forwarded port 80 on my router to my computer.
Checked to make sure port 80 is open on my computer, it works fine.
Tried to ping my computer ip address from work and it doesn't seem to work.
What am i doing wrong ? I recently reinstalled WAMP and it was working fine before, not sure what changed :-/ Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Best Answer

Since you state that it worked before (presumably from offsite) and the 324 error appears to be a clientside issue specific to Google Chrome, I would first try loading the site in a different browser(s). If you get the same results then confirm the details of the web servers socket with netstat -noab|find /i "listen"|find /i ":80". I would want to rule out that the socket is not binding to or something similar.