Domain – Use LAN DNS server when unqualified domain names are requested


I'd like to be able to serve unqualified domain names like "pos" or "website" from my DNS server on my LAN and have regular DNS queries like "" be served from my router.

On my router, under "DHCP" settings, I can assign a primary and secondary DNS server. If I set the primary to the router itself and the secondary to the LAN DNS server, the queries never resolve. If I set the primary to the DNS server and the secondary to the router, the queries get resolved but it takes forever (due to timeouts).

Is there a way to speed up the requests somehow when I point to the internal DNS server first? I'm not very experienced with DNS servers and router configurations when it comes to stuff like this. In my older router I had dnsmasq and that solved this problem quite handily, but my new router doesn't have it.

Summary: I want to use my LAN DNS server ONLY for unqualified domain names and any other request should point to the router's DNS servers.

Best Answer

Set the primary to the LAN dns

In the lan dns set the forwarder to your router

forwarders {XX.XX.XX.XX;};

under options

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