Failure to create keytab file using msktutil on Centos to W2K8


I'm trying to setup a centos 5.5 squid server to authenticate against a windows 2008 DC.
I have followed the tutorial:
Getting Squid to authenticate with kerberos and Windows 2008/2003/7/XP
However I have run into an issue.
When I run the command: (Obviously changed for my enviroment)

# msktutil -c -b "CN=COMPUTERS" -s HTTP/centos.dom.local -h centos.dom.local -k /etc/HTTP.keytab --computer-name centos-http --upn HTTP/centos.dom.local --server server.dom.local --verbose --enctypes 28

I get the following error (The whole message is too long to post here):

Error: Unable to set machine password for centos: (3) Authentication error
Error: set_password failed

kinit works fine and the computer is added to the DC under COMPUTERS and SRV records created except no keytab is created.

Best Answer

I had the same problem, I had several problems with the red hat 5.3, lots of flashing, sometimes works and sometimes not.

Get download packet bin msktutil in , I had better results, but unsatisfactory.

I did a test in debian lenny and the results were more positive.