Getting a grip on logs(syslog-ng)


As we continue to move away from NetWare and beginning to use Suse Linux as our server base, centralized logging is becoming more of an possibility. I know I can install syslog-ng, but beyond that, what good tools are available for log aggregation/archiving and in particular, viewing those logs in a central place via a common gui interface?


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php-syslog-ng might be worth a try. It also has a fully working demo on the website and some screenshots to get a first impression.

Quoting from the site:

Php-Syslog-ng is a frontend for viewing syslog-ng messages logged to MySQL in realtime. It features customized searches based on device, priority, date, time, and message.

Splunk, which has already been mentioned here, seems to be quite hip at the moment. You could always try the free version and decide for yourself if it's worth the cash.

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