GoDaddy, A Record, and Mail


Excuse my newb-ness at the technical aspects of domain records and the like, but I have a question that somebody on here will be much more suited to answer.

My domain was purchased through GoDaddy. Until recently said domain was being used with HostGator. The nameservers were set in GoDaddy and an addon domain added to HostGator.

Recently I made the switch to host this website on GitHub. To get this working, I removed the nameservers from the domain on GoDaddy and set the A Record to point at GitHub. The domain name is now working fine.

My question is: On HostGator, I had mail forwarding set up for through cPanel. Is there a way that I can change the DNS records of my domain on GoDaddy so that I can host on GitHub but manage that email address through HostGator?

Best Answer

When sending E-Mail, the mail servers look up specific DNS records called MX records. This is in contrast to looking up the IP address for, say, a website which uses an A record. If you configure your DNS records (on GoDaddy) so that the MX records points to HostGator's mail servers you should get the result you're looking for.

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