Home Folder creation problem on NAS Volumes


Is it anything related to changes that have gone to the NAS volumes . I am getting the error "security id structure invalid" when I try to add users to Home folder on NAS volumes
I have tried to add the permissions from the domain controllers it is giving me the same error.

there was a upgrade of NAS servers for EMC ( EMC celerra with gateway clariion ) but it didn't take place due to control station failure.
Is this error related upgrade??

server is windows 2003

When i go to \nas6\usr7$ share and right click the folder ,Under security when i try to give permission it states- "unable to save permission changes on Ze175"(folder name)
" security id structure invalid" .
The same thing happenes when trying from domain controllers.

Could you tell me is this error related to upgrade.Please advice

It's only usin CIFS

Best Answer

A lot of inexpensive NAS-type devices based on stripped down versions of samba frequently have issues when it comes to permissions. You're not exactly running into anything new.

Although implementing roaming profiles on a NAS is very possible when samba is properly configured & has a supporting file system that is able to work with samba, it appears as though your particular appliance is falls into that "inexpensive NAS" category.

Unfortunately, it is quite unlikely that you'll be able to implement any form of NTFS permissions. Creating roaming user profiles does require being able to modify NTFS permissions for the new profile. It's equally unlikely that the manufacturer of that device will be able to simply "add" that functionality with a simple firmware update.

Your best bet is to invest into a new NAS that is capable of integrating with active directory & understands NTFS permissions. They cost significantly more in most cases unfortunately.