How to allow a specific program Send as access in Outlook


I have been searching around on the web and the closest thing I found was This Article. It states that I need to click allow when the security warning pops up. however using Sage software means my colleague would need to press this 20 – 30 times per session… This is obviously too time consuming…

It also mentions the trust centre within Outlook under Programmatic access… However we are running an exchange environment and its locked down. We couldn't change it as it would allow all programs to access Outlook. This a security hazard. So how can I allow ONLY Sage to send emails on a users behalf?

Is there a way to add exceptions in the trust centre of Outlook? or would it be via Exchange that this would be done?


I also forgot to add that Trusted Publishers are also disabled within Outlook… I am wondering if there is any specific Registry keys to edit to allow this?

Best Answer

If you have 32-bit version of Outlook then free Advanced Security for Outlook add-in will help. It allows access for specific programs.