How to create a domain global deployable module? (Jboss, Wildfly)


Has anyone created or used a deployable module pushed out to slaves (from the Domain Host-Controller) without a separate script or step to update the {JBOSS_HOME}/modules/ directory? I would like to be able to push out updates to a module centrally, or, if that is not possible, is there a way to detect if a slave has a different version of the module installed (than the Master)?

(I am running Wildfly 8.2, but JBOSS solution would likely apply also)

Best Answer

You can use patch feature, this allow apply updates in the servers installations from domain controller. Also you can view patch history and verify patch.

Eg (cli command).

patch --host=server.local apply /<path_to_patch>/

You can see a full example in: Patch User Defined WildFly Modules in Domain Mode

See also: Layered Distributions and Module Path Organization

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