How to enable RSS on a virtual NIC created on a HyperV host


I created an "Internal virtual switch" to allow the Hyper-V virtual machine to communicate with the host. This step creates a virtual NIC on the host.

This virtual NIC however does not have the option to enable RSS (receive side scaling) causing a bottleneck on sends from the VM.

Is there a way to enable RSS on this virtual NIC on the host machine? Note that there is an option to enable RSS inside the VM.

Also, is there any better/faster way of communication from the VM to the host for large send payloads?

Best Answer

Sadly you cant on Server 2012R2 like you said you can on Server 2016.

I never needed to transfer that much data between the host machine and virtual machine before.

All of my hyper hosts usually a physical adapter or set of teamed/ bonded adapters for the virtual switch and separate adapter for the host. Which in 2012R2 would allow the use RSS or VMQ for all the machines.