Java – What are the benefits of Weblogic over Jboss / Glassfish in production


I'd like to ask those of you running weblogic server in production, what benefits do you see in using it compared to Jboss and Glassfish?

Best Answer

Short answer is that there is no tangible benefit of Weblogic over any other Java app server. They truly all perform well enough to solve most every problem that JEE solves. So why do some people pay 10X more for the Oracle/ BEA brand ?!

Good salesman at Oracle- that is the answer. It's really that simple. If you ask the sales force they will claim better support, ease of installation ,or ease of management - but all of these issues are good for JBoss and Glassfish too.

For example, Oracle sales may offer "free Weblogic with $1MM in Oracle!". These kinds of sales really work. Red Hat has a much smaller sales force, and Oracle has a 20-year head start. So the battle continues.