Linux – Best parameters for ext4 filesystem for storing virtualbox disk images


I have partition, which I'm going to use for keeping VirtualBox disk images (VDI, or may be VMDK). They are fixed-size (not dynamically-allocated) images. There are no other files/directories on partition (only several *.vdi files in the root directory of partition).

Which ext4 parameters are best for that purpose?
As partition contains only few fixed-size ~20 GB files, and no other files are ever created on partition — I guess some special flags can be used to optimize performance.


  1. Stability: images must not corrupt in case of sudden power-off (or, at least, they should corrupt no more than with default ext4 options).
  2. Maximum performance.

Best Answer

The following mount options should be suitable:


Also I think it is always makes sense to use "journal_checksum" but on modern systems it will be used by default.