Linux – how to find linux at job status


Im using

echo "<some command> | at -q <queuename> now

to create a queue of jobs.

I can use atq command to get list of jobs.

I cant seem to find any command or swtich which can show me status of the job : like say running, queued, done, etc

Best Answer

From the manual of at :

The special queue "=" is reserved for jobs which are currently running.

So if the job is in this queue it means that it's currently running.

For example

[root@test ~]# atq
8   Thu Oct 22 00:32:00 2015 a root
9   Wed Oct 21 23:38:00 2015 a root
10  Wed Oct 21 23:35:00 2015 = root

In that case the job number 10 is running. Other jobs are in queue "a". When the job is done, it just disappears from the queue.